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  1. We humans are an interesting bunch, I'm sure you'll agree. We do all sorts of strange an bizarre things. One thing we do is find personality in the most every day of things. I mean, have you seen Happy Chair Is Happy, as a prime example? 

    So it's no surprise that you constantly come across people in the DOC giving personalities to things - D as a whole, pumps have names, so do lows, highs, CGMS and meters. I haven't got to the stage of naming things myself (apart from numberwang, which is pure quality, obviously)

    I love that we do this. It takes something that can be so sterile, and gives it character. It's all about playing games with our imaginations. Stops us from growing too old, or going too crazy. I guess as well, it stops the gadgetry that we use day to day from being too imposing and 'scary'.

    Now I'm wondering about the names of everyone's kit, and all their characters. Anyone up for a 'parade'? I'll bring the mardi gras beads!

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    1. Brenda W said...

      hehe, I'll take some beads!! I'll flash you my pump Dave for some! Isn't that how it works? He's the only thing I've named :)

    2. I hadn't gotten into the naming thing until about 6 months ago.... Thanks to the DOC! Now, after 26 years, I've got a pump with a name (Bacon Gibbs - because bacon rocks, as does the NCIS character played by Mark Summers). So, there it is. Great fun post, Becky! Good luck with the naming, and bead-wielding!

    3. Becky said...

      Oh my goodness - I love Gibbs! I'm pretty sure I've actually written about Gibbs on here before! He stalks me to make sure I don't drip blood on my work stuff. :D

      And indeed, beads for all!

    4. Chris said...

      I have my "cheater meter", the one i use that doesn't connect with my pump.
      my old co-worker used to call my Pump my Game Boy, and whenever it beeped he would sing with the tune "Game O-ver" for me, my pump usually has names I can't repeat here.
      and I still use the term glucometer but I never hear it anymore.

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