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    Thursday, 10 June 2010

    Not being a 'girly' girl, as I've mentioned before, you might be a bit surprised to know that I like to dress up as much as the next person. I'm rather pleased that I've got a friend's birthday drinks tomorrow night, and he's said it's black tie. 

    I don't tend to spend much money on clothes, and even on smart dresses, but I do have a rather nice handful of dresses for smart occasions. 

    This might be the post that makes a few people hate me - and trust me, I'm not trying to make this an 'oh poor me, my diamond shoes are too tight' type post. The thing is that, pre diagnosis, I lost quite a bit of weight. I know this isn't unheard of, but I've not put any of it back on, and I've actually lost more. I'm really happy about this of course, but the problem I've got is that an awful lot of my clothes actually don't fit me any more.

    I tried on several of my nice dresses to decide what to wear, and most of them are going to need some serious alterations before they'll be suitable to wear again. The two that I tried on that still looked ok were, amusingly enough, the ones that had already been altered, since I've worn them more recently.

    I just struggle to bring myself to spend money on clothes, when I have decent ones! The fact that they don't fit me seems beside the point. I'm just a real tightwad when it comes to money!

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    1. Siobhan said...

      No, I'm the same. I've lost a tiny bit of weight recently and have been able to go back down to what I think of as my 'proper' size, but I'm gutted I've got a load of stuff in the size up. Reckon New Look will give me an exhcange after all this time?!

    2. Anonymous said...

      Get thee to a tailor, young lady! Alternately, you might want to consider taking some of those clothes to a consignment shop, hon.

    3. Brenda W said...

      Congrats on keeping up the healthy lifestyle lady! After I was diagnosed, I gained all the weight I lost back (which was a good thing because I was sickly thin) but from the time I bought my wedding dress (oct) to the time I got married(may of last year) I had gained nearly 13 pounds! A lot for me, as I'm pretty short, but I finally got it off! I have a pair of nice capri dress pants and they fall right off. So sad, as my boss bought them for me from a really nice store!

      Sorry for the long comment. I say if you have time take 'em to the tailor (not sure how that works, never done it) or try to hit up some sales to get your collection back up. Its a good investment ;)

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