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    Sunday, 6 June 2010

    Despite my wardrobe malfunction, my prescription review the other day was actually fairly useful. I managed to increase it so I get two boxes of needles in one go, rather than one. I also got a prescription for a glucagon injection kit. Now that is one scary looking piece of kit. It's currently sitting in my fridge. 

    According to the instructions, it will last for up to eighteen months in the fridge. I really hope that it's one of those things that I will need to replace after eighteen months because it's expired, rather than because I've had to use it. Or rather because someone has had to use it on me. 

    Glucagon Kit

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    1. Siobhan said...

      I need a new one of those too. In 19 years, I've had them used a grand total of 3 or 4 times on me. They're not fun - they leave you feeling really funny afterwards because they're just chemicals, they make me feel really sick. Hopefully you won't have to use it!

    2. cmugs said...

      I've had a type 1 son for the last 5yrs and we've never used it.... I practice with the expired ones n an orange and totally agree its one scary looking piece of kit.... does work well tho if my son is being difficult when he's hypo and refusing to treat it... the threat of using the glucagon is enough to shape him up in seconds lol....

    3. Nicole said...

      Did you know you can mini-dose with one? I accidently miscounted (by 90 carbs) some chinese takeaway when I was first diagnosed and started rethinking my calculations about an hour after dinner...I started to feel incredibly strange. My blood sugar was dropping really really husband called our diabetes team who said to mini dose with the glucagon because it would work 10 times faster than sucking back juice or tablets (plus there was no way I could suck back enough without throwing up from the speed of consumption!). I mini dosed (which didn't make me sick) and then waited 20 dosed again. Had a snack and then checked again in a half hour...still sitting in the low range so then I had some juice and another little snack. Woke up a few times overnight to check my bloodsugar and I was doing well. Woke up right where I should be...better than passing out I'd say :-) Hope you never have to use it!

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