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  1. In my shoes

    Saturday, 5 June 2010

    I think that human beings universally like to talk about the weather - it's a very 'safe' topic. It can also be a very boring topic as well. However, it is warm, and I know many people (including myself) have pointed this one out recently. It is true though. 

    Warm weather is pretty much the only non-black tie reason that I will break out skirts and dresses. I don't own many, because I hate my legs. Nothing shorter than just above the knee either, because nobody needs to see that!

    Skirts and dresses however, tend to mean no trainers. No shoes that, however comfy they might be, are ugly as sin. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I hate shoes. I hate shopping for shoes, I hate pretty much everything about them. This is mainly because I have ridiculously wide, fat feet. I can never find any shoes to fit properly. So if I find a pair of shoes that work, I generally buy them in bulk. Problem is though, that I never have any nice ones to wear with dresses. I only really wear flats, unless I'm wearing a really smart dress. 

    Flip flops? Wore my only pair into work this evening (where I am writing this as a show goes on upstairs!) , and I now have scraped up and blistered feet. Luckily I thought this might happen, and put my only pair of ballet pumps left that aren't rubbing me either, in my bag. Yet these are still rubbing me, because once my feet are blistered, that's it for the day.

    As best I understand it, blisters, and shoes that rub the hell out of you aren't the best of ideas. Yet I can't find a solution to this problem. I don't want to wear my big, ugly, boiling hot winter shoes. It's warm, I'm warm, and I want something light and pretty that isn't going to cause me tremendous pain.
    Is this so much to ask, really?

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