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  1. Getting to know you

    Tuesday, 8 June 2010

    I talk about myself a lot on here - no surprise, this is my blog after all. However, the wonder that is Statcounter tells me that I have people from all over the world popping in all the time. I've also noticed a wonderful influx of new people leaving comments over the past few weeks - thanks so much to all you guys, I really appreciate it! 

    So I'd really like to throw open this one to all of you, and have a chance to get to know who you are! How did you end up here, what were you looking for? (did you find it?) Have you ever wanted to ask me anything?

    So sit down, grab a (virtual) coffee, or whatever's your poison, and let's chat! :)

  2. 10 comments:

    1. jaimieh said...

      found you on twitter =), I'm a type 1 as to link & share more information with the DOC (Diabetic online community)...

    2. MHoskins2179 said...

      Honestly, I don't recall - either by an initial connection through Twitter, or Talking BGS, or some other #FF... Regardless of the method, you're now one of my non-U.S. connections in the DOC and someone I look forward to connecting with when possible. Thanks for sharing some of your world and D-Life!

    3. meanderings said...

      Ummm, I think I found you during Karen's D-Week.
      In any case your blog is fun to read so I'm here.

    4. Rachel said...

      Found you via Karen's d-week as well as ChronicBabe :)

    5. Brenda W said...

      I don't remember!!!!!! But I'm here everyday :)

    6. chris bishop said...

      Becky -

      I know I found you via twitter and started following your tweets but I am not sure who was first to draw first blood... lol. Me reading your blog or you asking to be on my blogroll. Either way, I enjoy reading your stuff and will continue to read (even if I am not a frequent commenter.)

    7. Alison said...

      Hello! Not sure how I found you, but I pop over every now and again to see what's going on as it's always good to see a fellow British blogger.

    8. Louie said...

      Hi, I've found you on the D-week blogrool. It's nice to read about someone else who is on tiny amounts of insulin like me :)

    9. Anonymous said...

      I'm a fellow type 1 diagnosed in my adult life which i find facinating to meet other adult-diagnosed type 1's. i think i found you through diabetes mine, or six until me.
      i'd love to start a blog, i look to you for inspiration, been following you for months now. love your blog

    10. Becky said...

      Thanks for all the responses! It makes for fascinating reading :D

      @Jaimieh - Seems like twitter has been a good move for me! I was so resistant to it for so long, because I just didn't 'get' it. I'm a bit of an addict now though!

      @MHoskins and Alison - I'd love to see a UK DOC meet happen!

      @meanderings - Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you enjoy it!

      @Rachel - Yey, I'm glad Chronic Babe has brought people over. I love Jenni's site :D

      @Brenda - I think I found you first through Kerri plugging you on something, and left a comment over on yours? Oh, and I've not given up on trying to get a picture for you. Hopefully one where I look less of a troll!

      @Chris - Ah, who really minds who 'drew blood' first? Love that by the way! You're here now, and I'm over at yours :D

      @Louie - We're a rare breed - got to look out for each other ;)

      @Anonymous - I'm really touched that you can find inspiration here! I would really encourage you to start a blog. I find it very therapeutic coming here to write - blogger is very easy to use, and I'd urge you to give it a try! :)

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