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  1. I was determined that I would get up this morning, and do my work out before heading off to work.

    I've not exactly made a secret of the fact that my sleep routine is rubbish. I struggle to get up. However, if I know I have to get up for a thing, I'll quite often wake up hours in advance, because I'll be paranoid about oversleeping. 

    So, I aim to get up at 7:40, so I can do weights, jogging, my 20 minute yoga/general exercises, and a few of the balance games. What time am I awake?

    5:30am. Urgh. Of course it is. I'm not going to get up then, though! But can I get back to sleep? No, not really. So I did get up eventually. 

    And....drumroll, please! I did work out! I was a good girl! 

    Now, just the other how many days until the event happens to go...

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    1. Jacquie said...

      Good for you! I always swear up and down that I'm going to pop out of bed early and exercise. And then it's like I'm on some kind of personality-changing drug as soon as I'm asleep. I have such a hard time doing it -- but you're an inspiration!

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