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  1. Love is ON!

    Monday, 17 October 2016

    I've spoken recently about being proud to be associated with Beyond Type One. Trust me, nothing has changed there. I think they're a fantastic organisation who are doing amazing work. Which was why I was particularly proud to be asked if I would join in with the efforts to help propel Beyond Type One to the winner's podium for Revlon's Love Is On challenge. 

    Not sure what this is? Here's the nutshell version :

    Revlon are offering organisations like Beyond Type One the opportunity to win a million dollars. Within a fundraising window whichever organisation raises the most will gain the million and the exposure that a giant like Revlon can grant as an added bonus. Plus they get to keep however much has been raised along the way (naturally).

    Pretty great right? This is fantastic opportunity to get Type One into the spotlight. There are plenty of chances for those who donate to go into prize draw for some amazing incentives and if you donate at certain times, Revlon are even offering donation matches. I'm all for donation economy,  so I'll be donating at one of these moments to try and get some added value.

    I'm thrilled to be a captain for today's fundraising as part of the non US based contingent. But I can already hear your mind going 'But Becky, why should we donate to this? You're not from the USA, surely there's something based in the UK that you should be supporting instead?'Hmmm, fair point. You're right, there are plenty of UK and European based organisations, but let's dig a little deeper.

    There are plenty of aspects of Beyond Type One's work  that are accessible to people anywhere in the world. The Snail Mail Club and the app are just two easy to point to examples. There's also the simply awesome fact that grants from Beyond Type One are helping fund research, advocacy, outreach and day to day, practical, boots on the ground type help all over the globe every single day. Have a quick read of the portfolio of other organisations they're working with. I was fascinated.

    However, I would love to see an influx of support from those of us not in the US. Let's be the cavalry charge that helps propel this awesome organisation into the forefront of people's minds.

    I've decided not to have my own individual fundraising page, so if you're up for helping out,  head over to visit the main donations page.Any time is a great time to donate, but if you donate either 20  or 100 dollars at 19:00 GMT on 18th, Revlon are going to match the first 100 donations made at that time, so that is a particularly good time!

    Maybe you can't donate, but could you help spread the word to someone who might be able to? This is something that can be won if we work together. Beyond Type One have the motto and mission statement of Educate, Advocate, Cure. I think those are things we can all agree on. I personally love it. Love is ON! Let's do this!