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  1. Out of Time

    Tuesday, 1 June 2010

    I'm none too bright or on the ball today. I was slightly on the low side before going out on the motorbike with Andrew, so I had some juice and a handful of cereal before going out, since past experience has shown that I go quite low when out on a ride. by the time that we'd got back though, I was actually fairly high. Still needed to eat dinner, but that ended up being quite late.  Also made the poor choice of pasta, which meant splitting the dose. Further high levels, and blah, blah, blah, meant I ended up going to bed at past 2am.

    Tired now, as I'm sure you'll understand. But life goes on. It's all about getting the timing right. Food against insulin, against exercise. You know the score. 

    Tuesday night is Dancesport night. Tonight Ben and I were doing the Lindy Hop. Now that is hard work! There were two classes lined up, but we only ended up doing the first. However, we actually seemed to be ahead of the curve for once! If we spent a bit more time on this one, I think we could end up being really good at it. What happened though, was that I ended up burning off my sports drink in the first hour, and we were both absolutely exhausted. 

    Now, I take the bus from work up to the class and back, and if I stay for the second class, then walk the two miles back home. If I come home after the first, I can get a bus back from work to my flat. Exhausted as I was after the first hour, I would have loved to do the second - but was it going to be a good idea? Probably not. Being as I'd burned off that sports drink so quickly, I didn't think doing another hour that fast paced and then walking home afterwards would be a good idea. If I added all that extra exercise, and then didn't eat til late?

    Moral of this story, I guess? Lindy Hop is amazing, but sometimes you can't always do what you want, when you want, because you know the timing will turn round and kick you if you do.

    In other news, I'm featured in today's Blog Carnival over at Chronic Babe - lots of articles that are well worth a read!

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