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  1. Wish You Were Here

    Tuesday, 29 June 2010

    I've been reading the action on Twitter with a great deal of interest today. It seems like a huge proportion of the DOC are at the Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit in Orlando. 

    I'll be honest, I'm more than a little bit jealous. I would love to be there, putting in some face-time for the UK, and having the chance to meet some of the amazing people I've been getting to know online for the past year.  So it's been fascinating reading the absolute flood of tweets coming from everyone there. Seems to have been more than a few ups and downs in some people getting there, but aside from that, a good time appears to be being had by all there. I'm very much looking forward to reading everyone's reports of the thing as a whole.

    The question that comes to my mind though, is why don't we have anything like this over here? Or do we, and I've simply not been able to find it?

    At any rate, I would love to be there to 'represent' next year. And if anyone wants to drop me a postcard from this year, I wouldn't say no!

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    1. Chris said...

      I've found HootSuite to be particularly useful in stalk...I mean keeping up with all that's going on in Orlando. It's kinda weird seeing so many people tweeting about the exact same thing and not being able to participate for whatever reason. Who knew the Internet could be so cruel!?

    2. Scully said...

      I'm with you Becky. Although I'm still just a couple hour plane flight from Orlando, I'm still in Canada. And Canada doesn't seem to partake much in the DOC. I feel sorta left out! Its like a party we weren't invited to. Haha

    3. Alison said...

      Hi Becky. Medtronic flew the flag for European diabetes bloggers earlier this month. Tim went on behalf of ShootUp as I had personal committments and had a great time - (jealous? me? yes!)

      Scully, you're right, I can't think of many Canadian bloggers but I think you have one of the best diabetes forums around - is a goldmine of clever people talking about insulin pumps and CGM. I'd have been lost without it. And it was all started by a Canadian.

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