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  1. That's Numberwang!

    Tuesday, 7 July 2009

    So now I'm back on insulin. Novorapid, but no Lantus. And the cause of this was not BS readings, but instead it was ketones. The strange thing is that at the moment, with the NR, I'm starting to even out, with readings of between 4 and 5, with a few 6's thrown in for good measure. I'm hoping that this is the start of good future progress, because I was never really happy about being off insulin. It felt far too much like playing Numberwang.

    OK, if you've never seen Mitchell & Webb, you will have absolutely NO idea what I'm on about.


    Check it out. It's very funny.

    No, seriously. I'll wait, I promise

    *grabs a diet coke* You're not missing anything.

    (2 minutes and 15 seconds later)

    You probably get the point now, I would imagine. Without insulin, I was pinging all over the place. And I really didn't like it very much.

    So here's hoping.

    In other news, Shrew got a great review, and hopefully the rain will hold back this evening. And I have another clinic appointment next month. Which they did for me.....because I stupidly didn't know I had to schedule it myself. Shining moment for me there!


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