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  1. June appointments, round one

    Wednesday, 2 June 2010

    * Ring ring.....ring ring *

    Hello, this is 'my GP's surgery', press one for same day appointments, press two for everything else.

    Huh. That's new, I think. OK, press two.

    Thank you. You will now be placed in a queue.

    Oh yey, a queue. Jolly good then. A quick blast of 'White Flag' by Dido, then get through to the receptionist, who for some reason, sounds like she's stood in the middle of a field.
    When I got my last prescription back, there was a note on my repeat slip saying I needed to have a prescription review before they'd give me anything else. I looked into my 'stash' boxes this morning, and realised I was really running low on test strips, and there was no putting it off any longer. 

    I find it a bit of a pain to go and do these sorts of appointments, because they're always really annoyingly timed. I know I need to go and do these things, but I'm using all the same stuff, so I wanted to check that I couldn't just do it over phone with the doctor doing phone consults - would save an appointment for someone else, surely? But nope, I've got to go in and see someone. 

    So when can I get an appointment? I wait, imagining, oh a week or so. How is 9:40am tomorrow? With interestingly, my boss's brother in law? Works for me.

    Hopefully the actual appointment will be as quick and easy!

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