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  1. Appointment Time

    Sunday, 27 June 2010

    Just a short one tonight. I sent an email to my DSN earlier this week, covering a few things. One of the points of discussion I also covered back in May, when I talked about my concerns over insulin sensitivity.

    Many of you gave me advice on what to do regarding learning more about pumping, and I've been asked if I want an appointment with the pump team to discuss the whole issue. 

    I figure it can't hurt to go along and talk to them, right? It's not like I'm committing to anything, and it's not as though I'm wasting their time. It might be interesting to discuss my suitability with them. 

    So that's an email to be written tomorrow, then!

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    1. Anonymous said...

      I hope you get the pump! Once you get through the learning curve you will never ever look back. I would also hope you can get the CGMS. It will change your life for the better!

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