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  1. Quitting Time?

    Wednesday, 30 June 2010

    Today ends two straight months of NaBloPoMo. Two months? I must have been crazy! Well, You've probably guessed that I'm not signing up to make it three months. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, but I may -shock, horror- have a day off soon!

    What happened this evening though, was that I stared at this empty screen. And stared at it. Then stared some more. I could not think of a darn thing to write about. So I complain on Twitter, out of sheer desperation. Cara and Chris came to my rescue with the suggestion of memes, and Plinky. Whilst I am not directly doing either, they gave me a springboard.

    It would have been very easy, even with just one day left, to have just quit. There would have been a sense of not having finished what I started, but I could have done it. Then it occured to me. I've been writing here over a year now, because I posted my first post on 23rd June, 2009. That surprised me! I honestly thought that I would have quit this before now, because I didn't really think that anyone would read, and if they did, they wouldn't really care about what I had to say. 

    So, how surprising it was to instead of quitting, I ended up finding a whole wealth of amazing, inspiring people to draw knowledge and strength from. I also found friends. Some of whom, I believe even care about the ramblings that I jot down here. 

    So instead of quitting time, I say here's to another year of my random musings, soap box ranting, and hopefully successful fundraising. 

    What I would like to do is say a big thank you to all of you. To everyone who has ever sent me a tweet, an email, written a guest post, commented on a post, given me advice, become my friend on Facebook, listened to me moan, or even just read and never 'said' a word. 

    Here's a toast to can choose which one!

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