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  1. The Wii Fit guy. If you've played Wii Fit at all, you know who he is. That's not even the right guy, I think, but it's the best shot I could find. 

    He's the 'trainer' who leads you through all the muscle and yoga exercises. I've not selected the female trainer, because I don't think I could cope with a perfectly-computer-generated woman telling me how well or badly I'm doing. I think I'd imagine she was laughing at me. So I use the man. 

    First thing after getting up, I check my waking levels. 7.3mmol/l (131 mg/dl) - good to go. 40 reps with the weights, then load up Wii Fit Plus. Twenty minutes of yoga and muscle exercises.

    During this time, I did find myself yelling at the Wii Fit guy (who needs a name - suggestions?). Stop telling me my body is shaking. I know my body is shaking! It's because what you're asking me to do is difficult!

    Did it all though (with some minor cursing), and then did the obstacle course (most annoying game ever?), Step Plus (because it's hilariously easy) and jogging to cool down. 

    That's Day Two done. Let's see if I can manage to do this all before going to work tomorrow. Place your bets, please!

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