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  1. Guest Post: Normal

    Saturday 24 July 2010

    I'm thrilled to be kicking off this Guest Post Week with a post from the unbelievably lovely Cara, from Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute. She's a kindred spirit in terms of her love for cupcakes, baking and musical theatre. One day we will HAVE to see a show together - maybe when she wins the UK lottery, as so many spam emails keep telling her she has!

    Normal. That word can be totally overrated at times. What is it? What is normal? My normal could be very different from your normal. Our normal could be vastly different from the normal of a movie star or a politician.

    To me, normal is getting up every day and living my life with diabetes. Testing, blousing, counting carbs. Quarterly doctors visits, yearly eye doctor visits, and always carrying around a juice box and all the things for an emergency pump site change. All of this is part of my life other than the standard work, friends, and church.

    Even within our diabetes community, our “normal” can be very different. Each of us lives every day with different expectations of ourselves and our diabetes. My high or low marker may be totally different from yours. I have a friend who has diabetes who would be thrilled with my A1c results from the past couple of times. I, however, would like a lower number. Her normal is different from mine. It doesn’t make either of us “right,” it just makes us different.

    Some of us like a low-carb diet. Others don’t. Some of us have to deal with things other than diabetes like celiac or asperger syndrome. Some of us pump, some of us don’t. Some use CGMS. Some don’t.

    One of the best things about the D-OC is that, for the most part, we accept each other for what “normal” may mean to each individual person. We congratulate each other for a “good “ A1c number, while that same number for the next person may be a disappointment and that person needs encouragement and a “better luck next time”.

    Individuality in diabetes is just like individuality in any other part of life. It isn’t always about what’s “right” or “wrong” or “good” or “bad”. It is just about what makes you, you. Finding your comfortable place and striving for it.

    This community is about the support that we give each other and the support we get in return. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that I need support in my journey. Especially support in this journey of life with diabetes.

    So, D-OC, I encourage you to find your normal and embrace it. And understand that it isn’t always about a number, or a test result. It’s about finding where you are comfortable and healthy and shooting for that goal. And knowing that when it comes right down to it, you can always turn on your computer or your iPhone and find a whole community of people who have their own normal and support you in finding yours. 


    Thanks for that post, Cara! You make a really, really good point! 

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    1. Cara said...

      If I win that UK lotto, you have to claim it for me. ;)
      And then I'll come visit you. :D
      Thanks for the opportunity to guest post. I enjoyed it!

    2. Anonymous said...

      Awesome post! I like my normal:)

      Be Blessed

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