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  1. Kelly Kunik is awesome. There is no way around it.She's sweet, funny, and loves pirates as much as I do. She's also a kick ass diazon, who I respect as much as I like. So I was so pleased that she agreed to join in this week's line up of guests. I love this post, because it's so completely true. 

    Diabetes Has Made Me Many Things

    Diabetes has made me many things, most of them good.
    Diabetes has made me AWARE. I pay attention to others and myself and by paying attention I’ve prevented myself from being hurt – and have prevented others from being hurt.

    Diabetes has made me TOUGH. There are days when diabetes has “put me through the wringer,” and yet I’m still here. WHY? Because diabetes has made me pull myself up by my bootstraps, dust myself off, and continue on with life.

    Diabetes has made me GENTLE. Yes, gentle in the sense that I understand what it’s like to not feel good, so I’m gentle with others who are having a bad day.

    Diabetes has made me GRATEFUL for all of life’s blessings, big and small. I’m grateful for Drs Banting & Best and their great brains.

    Diabetes has made me APPRECIATIVE. I appreciate the little things like; correctly bolusing for an unknown food, finding unopened infusion sets in old hand bags, and uber appreciative of a darn near empty insulin reservoir that didn’t crap out completely until I made it home from work.

    Diabetes has made me see the FUNNY. I can laugh at infusion sets gone awry, unexpected interrogations by the “Diabetes Police,” and pump batteries needing to be changed at the most inopportune of times. There’s more funny moments in a diabetes life, but the above will do for now.

    Diabetes has given me the gift of a BULL SHIT FILTER - a wonderful mechanism in the brain that allows PWDs (people with diabetes) to see through the bullshit that life throws our way and focus on what’s really important.

    Diabetes has given me a COMMUNITY and has surrounded me with others who live daily with diabetes (or have family members that do) who speak the language of diabetes without uttering the d-word. 
    They welcome me with open arms and hearts and allow me to do the same. And my COMMUNITY continually teaches and always makes me feel loved.
     I consider them family and will love and protect them to the best of my ability. 
    Diabetes has helped make me. 

    Thank you so much for that, Kelly! If you haven't been following her blog already, where have you been? I insist that you go there now. Go on, I'll even link it for you. There you excuse!

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    1. Cara said...

      Kelly, beautiful as always. :)

    2. Penny said...

      Beautifully said Kel! I appreciate YOU in our life.

    3. Unknown said...

      Kelly Kunik, you are simply awesome, and I'm so thankful to know you.

      And thank you Becky for the great guest post!

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