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  1. There's A Hole In My Bucket

    Wednesday 7 July 2010

    Some days are harder than others. I think we all know that. If you think I'm talking rubbish, then I'm sorry, but I think you're kidding yourself. 

    Anyway. After trying to counteract a long string of higher numbers, I decided to up my basal, and my morning ratio. I overbolused for lunch on the first day of this, so I switched back to my old ratio. Still getting hypos. 

    These hypos have had practically no warnings, which scares me. I've reduced my basal back, so fundamentally resetting all the changes. But was it the basal? Was it the bolus? Was it the hour workouts in the morning before breakfast or any insulin?

    It is like I've got a bucket full of water that I'm trying to keep hold of. Shame the bucket is full of holes then, really, isn't it?

    Training Update:
    I've now doubled the weight of my dumbbells, so I'm now using two 10lb weights, instead of two 5lb ones. That means I've taken my sets down to 10 presses, 5 chest flys and 10 biceps curls. I've also switched from running a lap to doing free runs, so I can see the distance more accurately. 10 minute free run so far, has given me 2k 78m, and 2k and 69m. Hopefully I can break the 3k mark soon... 

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    1. Scully said...

      Sounds to me like your body is trying to adjust to the new workout routine. Exercise in small doses gives me high BG (doesn't make sense does it?). You just need to find the kink in the hose. when do you take your long acting insulin vs. when are you experiencing the highs. something to think about. Its likely in the basal rather than carb ratios, that's my 2 cents.

    2. Siobhan said...

      The heat. I've been hypoing daily for the past couple of weeks despite my best efforts. The heat affects us all - when I saw my consultant last week he said everyone is hypoing at the moment. I've dropped my basal right down and still haven't nailed it just yet. You will get it though.

      It's probably a combination of the lot of to make changes one at a time so you can see which is doing what.

    3. Angie said...

      The highs might have been the exercise - I used to have problems cycling home in the evening, because at that time all I had active was my basal, and I think I needed something else to counter the glucose my liver would kick out during the exercise. I used to have a small snack and bolus about 75% of my ratio for it, and that seemed to help. :)

      It's so frustrating trying to figure out what's going on sometimes though.

    4. Becky said...

      I was totally trying to do to much at once, that much is certain. But I'm not sure the heat is actually having anything to do with the hypos, because during the hottest weather here, I was high all the time, and wasn't hypo-ing at all.

      I think you guys are right, and it's probably the exercise

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