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  1. Enough is enough (is enough, is enough)

    Tuesday, 6 October 2009

    It's 21:00. I'm stewarding a show at work. I'm having my second hypo of the day. I have had enough.

    ENOUGH, I tell you.

    I'm just having one of those days, but I have had enough of this stupid disease and the way it plays with my mind and my emotions. I have had enough of chewing on glucose tabs, and getting close to tears when my GP's repeat prescription service messes up my test strips AGAIN. I have had enough of not being able to fathom out WHY I can't think straight, and why I'm completely drained of energy.

    And the thing is, that I think you can empathise, you can be completely supportive, and I am SO thankful that so many people in my life are, that I can't even begin to express it properly. But if you've not experienced this, you still can't fully appreciate it.

    I may often think otherwise, but I am a reasonably intelligent and capable person. I hate that this can render me totally unable to function, and carry out my job properly. I have had it with this stupid disease.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better.