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    Hi, and thanks for reading!

    My name is Becky, and I have Type One Diabetes. I was diagnosed on 1st May, 2009, just in time for pretty much all the diabetes and endocrinology department in York District Hospital to go home for the Bank Holiday weekend.

    I started Instructions Not Included in June 2009, after discovering the world of blogging, as a way of helping muddle my way through my first year post-diagnosis. That first year has now past, but I'm still here.

    I live in York, in the United Kingdom, where I work for a University in Space Management, as well as working as a freelance theatre practitioner, whenever an opportunity arises. I have worked a number of jobs in the past, including actress, saleswoman of toys, chocolate and electronics, and professional fake viking/fake archaeologist. I also worked telesales for an afternoon, and vowed never to do it again.

    I have an unbelievably good memory for things like song lyrics, quotes and the like, but can never remember to eat lunch. I can't find jeans or shoes that fit me properly. I have yet to learn how to properly ride a push bike, which is really hampering my goal to drive a motorbike. I have been trying to counteract my lifelong fear of dogs by imagining every dog I see with the voice of Dug from Up!

    I have previously managed my diabetes with twice daily injections of mixed insulin (NovoMix 30), then multiple daily injections (MDI) of NovoRapid and Lantus. I currently test with Bayer Next One meter. In November 2010, I began using an Animas 2020 insulin pump, and I now currently use an Animas Vibe and Dexcom G4

    If you would like to get in touch for any reason, please do e-mail me, even if it's just to say hi! I'd love to hear from you.