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  1. Mixed Bag

    Saturday 10 July 2010

    Mixed bag of short updates tonight. First up, my laptop should be back in my hands at the start of the coming week - hooray! I have missed it dearly.

    Second up - The D-Team Challenge has now in fact been booked. We'll be undertaking this madness on Saturday 14th August at 9:30am. We now have all four members of the team, and with the imminent return of the laptop, this means I can vlog for you all. With the challenge date now in sight, both training and fundraising can begin in earnest. I'd be very appreciative if those of you who are regulars here could help spread the word about what we're doing, and try and help gather support and funds. It's all for JDRF at the end of the day. That's what I keep telling myself when I don't want to do another ten arm and leg lifts. 

    In other news, I now have a date for my pump clinic appointment. Had a bit of clash, but managed to reschedule it for 3rd August.

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