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  1. Lantus update

    Sunday, 31 January 2010

    Lantus is turning out to be rather a mixed bag. I've knocked it down to 3 units, as I mentioned last time. As a whole, my numbers have come down, which is obviously a good thing. But the problem now seems to be that hypo-free days are becoming a bit of a rarity. Which is not good. So I'm not quite sure what to do with the whole thing, to be honest!

    In other news, pudding package number two has arrived, courtesy of my amazing friend, Jaime. I know have enough sugar free pudding and jelly to last me a good while! Hoorah! 

    I am also seriously considering taking part in an event I've come across, to raise money for JDRF. It's called the Rat Race Urban Adventure Series, and it's done in a three person team. You can either do a whole weekend, which involves free-running, biking and kayaking and climbing, or you can do an insane 10-15k 2.5 hour treasure hunt. Not known for being great on a bike, or having EVER been in a kayak, I'm leaning more towards doing the first evening event only. Unless someone is willing to sponsor me a substantial sum to see me make a prat out of myself?

    Just a thought!

  2. Rather than go 'Happy New Year, world!' and be all bouncy and jolly, in love with the world afresh, I entered 2010 a bit anxious, and with the attitude of 'bugger off, I don't want to know'. 

    So, anxious and a bit depressed would probably best sum up my attitude to the start of 2010. I've never been a big fan of January. There's all this pressure to get yourself sorted, and make resolutions. I tell myself every year that I'll do things, then don't end up doing it and get even more angry with myself. 

    So, I made a resolution several years ago, not to make any more New Year's Resolutions. And I've been doing really well at keeping that one.

    Well, I've bitten all my nails off again due to being anxious. I was getting worked up. I was getting a lot of double figure scores, and I couldn't get them to stop easily. So I rang up Becky, my DSN, thinking she'd tell me I needed to up my NovoRapid. But instead, I was instructed to start again on Lantus. 


    Now, I'd been very keen to start on Lantus again. Mainly for reasons of personal craziness. It was like I didn't feel as though I was a proper T1, what with my tiny 2u boluses, and no basal. So getting the basal back would be, as someone put it to me, 'like getting my diabetic stripes'.  But when I got told to put it back in again, all of a sudden it was a bit like a promotion I didn't want. 

    I was nervous. 

    I'd had some pretty rotten hypos on Lantus last time, and I've not been proved too far wrong. I've taken it down by a unit, but I've only had one hypo-free day since starting it up again. I'm not enjoying it thus far. The only good thing, I suppose, is that if DSN-Becky wants to keep the Lantus in, I might be able to calculate my insulin-sensitivity more accurately, and do some PROPER carb counting. 

    So moving on to some good things. I mentioned that I might have some new readers due to my request for people to follow this on LiveJournal's holiday_wishes community. Well, one of the other things I wished for was for some sugar-free caramel syrup to put in hot chocolate. I didn't actually think I would have anyone send me any. So imagine my surprise when this turns up before Christmas:


    Oh I was thrilled, I can tell you. I still am. As well as sugar-free caramel syrup, there's some dark chocolate, sugar-free chocolate syrup (which you can use to make milkshakes with!), low sugar hot chocolate sachets, a lovely glass mug, and three boxes of sugar free pudding mix. That pudding is my new love! I've already arranged a friend of mine in the US to send me more over (in exchange for lemon mousse bars from Thorntons!) I cried when I opened the box up, because it was so completely generous I couldn't quite get over it. 

    I've been baking again! Last time I tried baking with Splenda, rather than sugar, I made cupcakes, and exchanging all sugar didn't really work. So I tried making biscuits. I'd been bought some new nifty kitchen tools as part of my Christmas present, and I couldn't wait to try them out. And here be the results:

    They ended up tasting rather like shortbread. Half sugar, half Splenda. Next time, a little more allspice. I'm willing to share the recipe should anyone want it. But they were good. Proof in point?

    I took them to work with me, and only ended up with  a couple left, one being the one I snagged for myself there, with my sneaky cup of low-sugar hot chocolate. And yes, that is a Christmas mug. I bought it for £1.00 in the sales after Christmas 2008. I figured no-one else would have a Christmas mug at work, so I'd know it was mine, and could keep tabs on who was stealing it! Not that that seems to stop people.

    Coming soon by the way - Sam from Talking Blood Glucose is going to be doing a guest blog here at some point in the near future. Yey! That should be worth sticking around to read. 

    And one of the best things about post Christmas/New Year period? Slowly working your way through the sea of amazing new Christmas socks. Awesome ^_^