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  1. Damn you digestive biscuits. In the past few days, you have taken me from 2.8 mmol/l to 11.2 mmol/l (although that was with some glucotabs. I would just treat a hypo with digestives. That would be dumb) and from 4.6 to 11.4. I do love you, but you're not even my favourite biscuit. That second time around, I just wanted a biscuit. These days, you
    tend to be the only ones I have in the house, being as two of you make up the ideal amount of long acting carb needed post-hypo. Or so I thought. 

    It's times like that, when you just fancy a biscuit, or don't fancy drinking some silly isotonic sports drink whilst exercising, that I can see the attraction of a pump. Being able to bolus tiny amounts, and adjust your basal rate to 200% or 0% would be rather useful. 

    I know a lot of people who are either on pumps, are waiting for them, or are trying to get on them. One of the first things I remember someone saying to me after my D-day was 'If you get offered an insulin pump, you want to take one.'. But do I want one? No, not really. I know I'm still new into this, and my mind might change on the matter, but for me personally, I don't think it's something I would want. 

    As I said, I can see the pros. But I just wouldn't want to be permanently tethered to a piece of equipment 24/7. I have my other reasons, but right now, that's a big one.

    Maybe down the line, who knows?

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