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  1. The wall....

    Friday, 6 November 2009

    Today is my wall. I have very little to say, especially not diabetes-related today. However, I am currently engaged in making a storage bag for the shoes. They will be making their first outing tomorrow, to learn beginner's Jive and improver's Quickstep. Tomorrow I will also be baking a cake for my friend's birthday. Cake and handicrafts - I'm a veritable hive of domesticity (who also seems to have lost her lovely collapsible umbrella, boo.) 

    So in lack of anything immensely constructive to say, I give you a brief list of things I have observed/wondered today instead.

    1: V For Vendetta is a completely amazing film
    2: There is a great satisfaction to be had in making a thing for yourself instead of just buying it
    3: I am really looking forward to fireworks and fun tomorrow night

    4:  What the hell is Powerade anyway? I'm trying my dietician's advice that Isotonic sports drinks might be a better choice than cereal bars for maintaining BS when exercising, but what IS it?
    5: What the hell are isotonic sports drinks meant to be whilst we're at it?
    6: I'm getting sad and frustrated about my MIA umbrella. I miss it.
    7: My bread came out nice again.
    8: The fact I can't get a HCA appointment, eye exam and hair cut all in the same morning is rather annoying. Hmph.

    Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to say tomorrow. And possibly pictures of the bag and cake :D

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