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  1. A brief interlude of nothing to say!

    Monday, 23 November 2009

    It's cold again. Hate to be a broken record guys, but I absolutely cannot get warm. It's due to get colder as well, I'm told. Fabulous.

    Anyway, more positively, I can see from having a poke around my stats that there are few new people reading this, due to my request on holiday_wishes on livejournal. Hi if you're one of them!

    I was going to talk about pumps today, but I just haven't got the mental energy to tackle that today! Hopefully I can ge ton to that by the end of the week, though. It definitely won't be tomorrow - tomorrow we have beginner's waltz and improver's rumba. Yey!

    Since I don't have anything amazingly interesting to say today, I suggest taking a walk over to Sam's blog, Talking Blood Glucose as she's been talking about some really interesting stuff lately, and it's well worth the read. Plus, she's fab too! :D

    See you tomorrow x

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    1. Sam said...

      gaaaaawwww, fab? nawwww :) you made me blush missis! But thank you very much for the plug!

      As for the cold?! I knoooooooooooow. Its so horrible! :( Even gloves arent cutting it right now :(

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