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  1. You know, I completely forgot it was Bonfire Night tonight until I was walking home and saw the fireworks going off. Fecking freezing on the walk home it was too.

    I'm getting a touch bummed out by all the early Christmas stuff though. I popped into Boots on my way home, and they were playing 'Wonderful Christmastime'. It made me sad. As did the Tesco's advert wishing me Merry Christmas last night. And the fact that the little trees on loads of the shops already have their lights on. Now, please don't think that I hate Christmas. I love Christmas, I really do. But why can people not at least wait until after Bonfire Night to start with Christmas? Ideally mid/late November would be better, but I know there's no way they would wait that long.I just like to keep Christmas to December (sometimes spilling over to the last week in November, since I like to give gifts on the 6th December to celebrate St Nicholas' Day, like my parents did for me when I was younger. But oh, can we not wait a bit? Please?

    Oh, and for anyone who was interested, end of day score last night was 5.4 mmol/l. Which wasn't too bad

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