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  1. The pros and cons of a UK Thanksgiving.

    Wednesday, 25 November 2009

    It's another mainly non-diabetes related one, but I'm currently engaged in a rather bizarre conversation over why we should theoretically adopt Thanksgiving in England. At the moment, arguments for the positive include:

    1: An extra bank holiday in Autumn.
    2: A celebration of God's bounty.
    3: Food which though not common over here, is at least interesting sounding.
    4: (I am now adding this one on) The chance for more sweet potato.
    5: Further build up to Christmas, thus stalling early Christmas madness.
    6: Getting another friends and family meeting chance. Any awkwardness is brushed over earlier, so making Christmas easier.

    These seem all rather good reasons. My initial qualm with this was mainly:


    This is not meant as any offence to Americans that I know. I socialise with you, thus you clearly don't embody the things about America which rub my the wrong way (I know it's pathetic, but the spelling issue is still high up on the list!), but rather that England doesn't try to further model itself as America mark two, since as a nation (in the sense we know England and the USA today) we were here first! 

    But I am being somewhat swayed by the pro arguments. I don't get enough sweet potato, and Christmas does start too early.

    So, if there are any Americans out there reading, do explain the Thanksgiving dinner - who knows, we might give it a try! How do you guys deal with what sounds like a distinctly carb-heavy meal?

    And on a completely unrelated note, this is awesome:

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    1. You forgot an essential positive - 7. A good chance to say thank you to our beloved friends and family ;)

    2. Becky said...

      A very fair point :)

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