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    Friday, 13 November 2009

    Friday the 13th. I'm not a particularly superstitious sort, so I've never been one of those people who hides away from it. I think that whole concept is a bit dumb, personally, but I guess everyone has their foibles. Thus, I don't imagine anything particularly dreadful or concerning to happen on a Friday the 13th more than any other day. However, I had an interesting moment, when I tested before my dinner tonight, and found that I'd gone down to 3.1 mmol/l without even noticing. I'm rather afraid of hypo-unawareness. I seem to have about a 50/50 chance of noticing one or not seeing it coming.  With this in mind, does anyone have any tips for how to prevent losing hypo-awareness?

    Other highlights of the day included:

    Trying to sort out the SHOES so that they don't kill me at practice tomorrow by sticking various bits of foam padding inside. This involved me being drawn on with a biro to see which bits of the shoe needed the most attention.

    Being in the mood for an 'argument' (read 'lively discussion') with the baker's stall on the farmers' market about products labelled as 'suitable for diabetics' that I'd seen in the past. Obviously, wanting to know why they considered them suitable, and to point out that just because it has slightly lower sugars, doesn't make it automatically suitable. However, there was no example of this on this occasion, I also ended up getting a sample of their chocolate brownie, and then buying three different ones to take in to the office. These things were incredible, for no other reason that I've seen roof tiles that were smaller. But that's one interesting marketing tactic. I was a good girl though, and only had a little bit.

    Right, I'm off to bed. I nearly actually went off to bed without posting, which would have completely blown my NaBloPoMo agenda. Thankfully I saved myself, but now I am tired, and have about four hours of dance practice tomorrow, which includes learning new choreography for the YCD dance display, so it's off to bed I trot.

    Goodnight xx

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