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  1. She's as cold as ice...

    Monday, 9 November 2009

    I'm cold. And I'm fed up of saying that! Yes, it is cold, and yes, I am aware it is November. However, let's do a current inventory of things I am wearing (above and beyond the sensible):

    T-shirt is long sleeved. I have slipper boots on. Thick, hooded cardigan. Beanie hat. Long, fingerless gloves, and a fleece blanket. 

    Now, I do love all my knitted and similar type items. I have collected a vast array of slippers, gloves, hats and scarves. Some of them are things I have bought. Some were presents. Some I 'acquired' (such as my current beanie, which used to belong to my friend Nick when we were at university, but eventually he got fed up with me 'borrowing' it all the time, and just let me have it). Now, there are several reasons for this. The first one being that I like these sorts of things, and people seem to be aware that giving me them makes me happy. This still remains true. The second reason is that I lose things. Not intentionally, and I'm always really torn up when it happens, but I do. For the record, my MIA umbrella returned home safely! Yey! However, my main reason for having so many different varieties of 'keep-you-warm' things, is because I get cold. I always have. However, every time I lose any weight, I get a lot colder than normal that autumn/winter, whilst I adjust to losing a bit more of my 'insulation'. Yet, regardless of how big or small I've been, I've always had really, really cold hands and feet. It doesn't matter where I am, or how wrapped up they are, they're always cold. Bad circulation has always been my explanation for this. But still, it sucks.

    I hate being cold!

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