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  1. 10 elephants

    Wednesday, 18 November 2009

    I've had some really painful injections lately. I don't know
    whether my technique is getting sloppy, if it's to do with my cycle, or it's just one of those things. I usually inject into my stomach, just because I find it to be the most convenient place for most situations. Yet at the moment, I'm picking bad angles, or my hand shakes, so on and so on.

    So I get told 'think of elephants'. Why? Apparently it's just distracting. And that's true. When people can't think of the thing they're trying to remember, I often to not think about orange penguins. Yet, what is really strange is that when I was taught how to count seconds, I was taught to count elephants, much in the same way that it seems many Americans are taught to count in Mississippi-s. So when I hold in my needle for my ten seconds, I'm counting ten elephants. Lucky really, that they're so distracting, I suppose!

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