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    Sunday, 8 November 2009

    So yesterday was a busy day. Being as it was a Saturday, that meant it was off to the university for dancing. We started off with jive, which I was thrilled to do, as I can actually DO it. To be fair, I did do modern jive classes for a few months, but that was now about three years ago, so I wasn't sure a) how much I would remember, and b) how modern jive moves would translate to Latin American moves. Turns out quite well! Well, an hour into doing really well, we then moved on to improver's Quickstep. Well, that was laughable! I adore the Quickstep, but it's really, really hard! Also, Ben and I have put our names forward to dance either Cha-Cha-Cha or Jive in the group demonstration display in York Come Dancing, which is York Uni's charity version of Strictly Come Dancing. Apparently, it can get up to 1,000 people watching it, so that's not scary yet thrilling at all!

    Anyway, I posted a picture of my poor abused feet yesterday. Yeah, they're still in a fairly battered and shredded state. I need them to get better before I put them all through it again on Tuesday night for beginner's Tango and improver's Jive. I know that I've got to be careful about how I treat my feet now, so I've taken the plasters off to try and let poorly bits breathe. This does however mean my feet are FREEZING. I have naff circulation in my hands and feet anyway, but since they're bare and it's really cold (barely scraping 15 degrees in here!) it does make it worse. Anyone out there have any good tips for how to speed up healing that would be safe for me to do? Answers on a postcard!

    So, since I've been talking about how cold it is, here's a nice picture of a bonfire! Mmmm, toasty. So, after dancing, making a flight of fury around the centre of York to buy fireworks and plasters, I made it home to try and speed-bake a two layer chocolate chunk/marble cake (there is no official name for it, I just make it up as I go along) for my friend Tom's birthday. Sadly I didn't get chance to take pictures, because it was slightly too rushed an affair, but I'm told it was good. It's the first proper cake I've made since being diagnosed, and I did it with sugar, since attempts with Splenda have had somewhat varied success, and it wasn't for me anyway.

    Made it to work, in time to welcome our new company for 2010, play some silly games, and then pile in cars to drive out to Pocklington to burn and explode things. Hooray for fireworks :D Sadly, I'd forgotten my hat, so spent a fair amount of time trying to keep my ears warm by rubbing them with my amazing 'muppet fur' gloves. It was all great fun, bar a slightly alarming moment when I got a sparkler stuck in the gloves. Thankfully not the end that was burning.

    All in all, a great night! Seriously though, if you've got tips on sorting my feet out (or if you just want to say hi - I know you're out there reading!) please do comment.

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    1. Northerner said...

      Becky, the best plasters to use on blisters are Savlon blister plasters. I've had a lot of blisters in my 25 years as a runner and they really do work much better than ordinary plasters (although they are quite expensive). Just checked the box and it doesn't say anything about not being suitable for diabetics! And try to keep your feet warm - I got chilblains last year for the first time in my life!

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