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  1. Now, first things first. The big news is.....*drumroll*......

    I managed to get the chocolate out of the bed sheet!

    Hoorah! Now I've got to tackle the mattress. That will probably be harder, but I'm sure that will all come out ok as well. 

    So this morning, I had an appointment with the dietician. Back in September, I did a morning's carb counting workshop. I really wanted to use the skills, and work out my insulin-carb ratio, and what have you. What I didn't realise was that because I'm still on such tiny doses, and my sensitivity is so high, they wouldn't be able to come up with a ratio for me. Which was a bit frustrating. However, all the information was useful, and when I start increasing my doses, and we CAN work out a insulin-carb ration, then I'll have all the appropriate knowledge in place. 

    But this appointment in the morning was a bit of a waste of both my time and his. Truth be told, I like both the dieticians the hospital has at clinic, and I don't mind going and seeing them, because they're both lovely, but I didn't want to be using an appointment that could have been going to someone else. Yet, like a good girl, I had at least TRIED to keep the food diary as requested, and had my BG diaries up to date. Yet, we never really looked at either.  However, I did find out that isotonic sports drinks are a better choice for me to take to my dance classes than cereal bars. So it wasn't all a waste of time. 

    I also ended up walking over to my GP's today. Mostly on another errand, but I knew that I was due a 'prescription review' sometime after the 4th November, so I would go and talk to the receptionist, and find out if this was something I could do over the phone, or whether I needed an appointment. Turns out I do.

    Now, it seems I have a strange relationship with the receptionists. If I call up, it's like I'm poking a wasps' nest with a stick. They can be really quite vicious. However, they always seem to remember me from my D-day, and are absolutely charming if I go and see them in person. Strange. Anyhow, I asked how to do this, and they were very keen for me to have a '6 month review'. I told them that I'd had two reviews, and HbA1c's done at the hospital, but apparently 'no, you need to have it done here as well'. OK, if you say so, I suppose. So that's two appointments, with a bunch of tests by the sounds of it, that I've already had done. Seems strange, but at least it sounds like I'll get a foot check done during that. 

    But all I really wanted was to sort my prescription review out! 

    Also, I don't know what's going on with my bread-maker tonight. Instead of what normally comes out, looking through the viewing window, I appear to have a misformed, hardly risen lump of dough. Disappointing would be any understatement. Annoying is accurate but not quite covering either.

    (As a side note, I hope this font size is better, Northerner? I don't know why that last post went QUITE that small to be honest!)

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    1. Northerner said...

      Much kinder on my eyes thanks Becky! Now, what on earth am I going to write about today?

    2. Anonymous said...

      Hello :)

      Just found this blog from the diabetes support forum (which i also found today!)

      I just thought I'd tell you that you might want to speak to your diabetes specialist/nurse about the number of 'reviews' you're being asked to attend.

      Just because I moved doctors recently and my new GP was pressurising me to come to their diabetes clinic at the surgery. As I continue to see the hospital specialist reguarly I thought this was a little unneccessary. So I asked my diabetes nurse and she told me that it's basically about money - if you are getting reviewed at your surgery, they get money for the extra person on their 'books'.

      SO obviously, everyones different and if you want to go to all the reviews, then great! Especially as you're newly diagnosed. And you might not be able to escape the GP reviews completely, but you might be able to come to an arrangement with your specialist and your GP?

      Anyway, of course it's up to you and I don't wish to tell anyone how to live their life/control their diabetes, but I'm just letting you know that it MAY not be 100% neccessary to go to both, and best to ask your nurse.
      (After all, seems a bit silly to have the exact same blood tests etc in 2 places!?)

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