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  1. For a woman who claims to not care about shoes, I do seem to post about them a hell of a lot! But here's a little story. Once upon a time (yesterday), it was raining, and muddy and just a bit miserable. I wore my wellies...

    (I'm actually amazed that I found this picture online, since that is actually my exact pair of wellies!)

    These suddenly decided that hey didn't like me, and gave me a horrible blister on the back of my heel, to go along with the way the SHOES cut up my feet. I was sad:

    Then I realised the wonder that is Compeed Blister Plasters:

    And the blisters were protected and started to heal. I decided to ignore the 'consult your doctor if diabetic before use', because I really doubt he'd be too impressed if I called up about that. And despite the fact these plasters are unbelievably expensive, they make the totally nasty pain feel better. Which is good, and makes me happy.

    And they (me, my plasters, and both my feet) lived happily ever after. The end!

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