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  1. So this morning I had my baffling appointment with the Health Care Assistant. I came in and sat down.

    'Now, Rebecca, why exactly are you here?' 

    'To be honest, I have absolutely no idea.'

    'Doesn't the hospital do all your care?'

    'Yep, as far as I know.'

    'So who told you that you had to do it here as well?'

    'One of the women on reception.'

    'Oh, I am going to have to go and shout at someone later!'

    Basically, it was a completely pointless appointment in one sense. I didn't need to do it. However, I did get told how impressed she was with my improved HbA1c - down from 12 at diagnosis to 6 at last check. Had my foot check done, and then we moved on to my prescription review.

    Rid of the stupid test strips that aren't for my meter? Check
    Increase the number of boxes of strips I get in one go from two to four? Check
    Ketone urine testing strips on repeat? Check

    So whilst it wasn't useful in a lot of respects, I still got a lot out of it!

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