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    Wednesday, 4 November 2009

    Today's been a bit of a strange day. I've had highs, I've had lows. My word, numbers have been all over the place. Woke up on 8.2 which was a bit of a bummer to start off with. My waking scores have been getting higher. I don't think it's dawn phenomenon, but I can't quite figure out why all the same. Moved on to a slightly more sensible, but a strange dip of 4.6 two hours later. I'd been trying slightly less cereal for breakfast, but apparently took it too far. 

    Then before I went to get my lunch, I made an errand regarding shoes (I will get on to that, complete with picture, in a bit). But I clearly spent too long in the shop, because as soon as I left, I was feeling a bit worse for wear. So I headed straight to get food, but by the time I'd got back to my desk, I was really sweaty and shaky, despite the fact it was flipping freezing out there. I tested, expecting a really low score, but discovered it was only 3.9. Still a hypo, but only just. But I chewed away on my glucose tabs, because I was feeling rough as a dog by this point. Waited five minutes or so, found myself at 5.1, so ate my lunch. I'm totally exhausted by now, and remained so for most of the afternoon.

    Two hours later, and we've made it to 8.1. Huh. Now a further two hours along, and I'm feeling a bit rubbish again, so I tested again (by the end of the day, I had got through a LOT of strips - many more than I normally do in a day), and I was 11.2. What?! Where is this coming from?

    Now, after work, I had headed over to a friend's place, as we were having a 'sofa party' to...well, christen her two new sofas (and very nice they were too). There was food to be had, but I was planning to go home and have some proper dinner, so I had a bit just to keep my levels up, but didn't cover it with any NR.  Checked where I was at, and found myself at 4.8. Weird, but score! Hour and a half later, we're at 10.2. A bit later and it's 13.1. By now, I'm fairly sure that I'm not going to actually have any proper dinner when I get back to my flat, but I'm anxious. I'm not sure whether to leave it, or to take a unit of NR and try and correct. I tell A what's going on, and he 'convinces' me to eat a small plate of his leftover Thai red curry with a 2 unit bolus. For the record 'convincing' me involved threatening me with leaving on Maid In Manhattan, which had just come on the tv, and also his trump card threat, which I will reveal another time. But I can't stand that film, so I did eat it. My test before eating had shown me coming down to 11.6. We'll see what happens in a couple of hours. Before that, I've at least got new (to me) episodes of Psych that I can be watching to fill the time. 

    But now, the exciting (for me, at least) bit. I mentioned the other day that I was looking at buying a pair of shoes for doing my dance classes. And I bought them! Aren't they pretty?!

    Looooooove them. I'm not much of a girly-girl, for the record. I hate shoe shopping, and do not get excited about shoes EVER. But these are so feminine and pretty and though I'm probably going to be cursing them to high heaven on Saturday afternoon when I've been dancing in them for two hours, I just think they're gorgeous. To the point where I'm going to probably go and buy fabric to make a shoe bag for them tomorrow. It must be love, surely?

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