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    Sunday, 28 March 2010

    I promised a bit more detail about yesterday's Forum Meet Up. Well, I'll just say that I very much enjoyed it. Getting to meet other people who knew what I was talking about was very refreshing. 

    Sweepstakes on levels and comparing everyone's kit was ridiculously interesting, as was the opportunity to try using a 5mm needle, as opposed to the usual 8mm ones that I use. They were all really lovely people, and it was a pleasure to meet and spend the day with them. I'm really looking forward to next month's Circle D London meet now!

    I also had the chance to play with a new toy - a hand held digital video recorder. So I spent today having my first attempt at using Adobe Premier Elements, and doing a bit of video editing. It's not very good, but do have a look at what we got up to yesterday!

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