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  1. Exciting day tomorrow

    Friday, 26 March 2010

    That there is my lovely friend Jenny. Mentioned before as 'my lovely friend Jenny' of our joint birthday party. And the thing she's pointing at, whilst I stand photographing her (recorded as a blurry reflection in this image) is my restaurant review of Sanctuary. Turns out they really rather liked the things I had to say. So much so that they returned my e-mail, and asked if they could put it up in the window. My reply? Of course they could! But strolling down in that general direction on my lunch today, I wanted to see it for myself. Not that I didn't believe them, but more of a point of 'wow, they really liked it that much?!'. Photo stands as proof in point - it looks like they did!

    Hopefully I'll be back there again tomorrow, with a small group from Diabetes Support, including Tom from Diabetes Dramas et al, as we have a York Forum Meet. 

    Bloods have been better today. Two hypos, but they don't seem to have thrown me too much, which is the way I like them. This is an improvement!

    Anyone from the Yorkshire area reading this by the way? I'm possibly looking into setting up a North Yorkshire branch of Circle D. Just wondering if anyone interested is out there.

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