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  1. Me and Mr Tiny-Bag

    Wednesday, 17 March 2010

    I'm off out, chaps! And since Mr Tiny-Bag no longer holds everything I require for an evening, I thought I would pose mournfully with him, before shoving everything into my fits-the-world handbag.

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    1. Saffy said...

      Becky, I found a 'hand bag' that was actually not much bigger than that - and if I decanted everything out of its normal testing kit container etc it worked well - even enough room for my phone and lippy :) So I still felt like a girl who wasn't lugging her diabetes around.
      Hope you had a great night out!

    2. Anonymous said...


      I liked this post as I have always moaned about having to carry a bigger bag on a night out to fit my drugs!!

      Maybe they should invent a 'party pen' that's smaller than the normal one!

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