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  1. God gave rock and roll to you...

    Saturday, 20 March 2010

    So I'm doing my Lantus tonight, but I notice that there's an air bubble floating at the top. So I decide to do a 2u air shot.

    Andrew was sat next to me and said 'Now, don't you think that's cool?'. I guess he's right - air shots are a little bit fun. However, he did then go on to point out that there was now insulin on the carpet. 

    But it made me think. Lantus comes in a 'solostar' pen. I wonder if that does make me a bit of a rockstar from time to time? Hey, there are plenty of us out there. I'm not a part of it (yet), but there's even a whole site called Diabetic Rockstar. Now, in the literal 'rockstar' sense, I play guitar, albeit extremely badly. This isn't my guitar in the picture, for the record. That's Andrew's guitar Lucy (who is one of many). Mine is an electro-acoustic called Cassie, who I don't play nearly often enough, sadly. I'm aiming to carry out a project with Cassie that my poor, battered fingers probably aren't going to be too impressed with. But in the 'Diabetic Rockstar' sense? What do I think makes a rockstar? I guess someone who carries on regardless of what's thrown at her. 

    I watched 'School of Rock' last night, because it was one of my birthday presents. Jack Black says rock and roll is about 'sticking it to the man'. In this case, I guess the man is diabetes. And if sticking it to the man means trying my hardest to keep this thing in check, then yeah baby, I'm rock and roll.

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