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  1. Have diabetes, will travel

    Saturday, 6 March 2010

    So my train tickets turned up yesterday! What train tickets, I hear you ask? Why the ones to go to the 2 year birthday party for Circle D. Now, I'm not a member of Circle D, because I'm not a southern sort. But I'm thrilled to be going all the same. Lots of people from Diabetes Support (where I hang out a LOT of the time) are going to be there, and I'm really looking forward to meeting them. I'll be honest, I'm really looking forward to spending a bit of time with fellow diabetics. I haven't really met any this past year. So spending a day with people who just get it is really exciting. Even if it means I have to go to London.

    I hate London. It's big, it's noisy, there are too many people, and it's expensive. People are rude, and you can never find anything. Of course, that's my experience, and Your London May Vary. But for a broke, claustrophobic, direction-inept crazy person like me (oh, who is scared of the big escalators that seem to be everywhere down there), London is pretty much my worst nightmare. So that there would be some serious commitment to the cause.

    One thing that will be pretty awesome is that a number of supporters, and several of the Steering Group for DiDkA are going to be there. DiDkA is moving along nicely - big opportunity coming up this week, for the record! 

    Further to my 'commitment to the cause' is the fact that, to afford to be able to do this, I am going to be taking a 6am train. This means I will be on my own, with nothing to do, in a city that terrifies me, from 8am in the morning. Anyone got any suggestions for good things to do at 8am on a Saturday morning in London?

    In other news, I'd like to take a moment to plug a new product from Successful Diabetes, which is the workplace of my friend Shelley Bennett (who runs Circle D, and is a member of the DiDkA Steering Group - seeing the theme here?) They've just launched a new e-book, Living With Diabetes 24 Hours a Day - A Personal Journey. I'm planning to get my hands on a copy soon and give a proper review, but for now, if it comes from this company, it's going to be good! I think this is a really good idea for those who want to know a first person account of what living with diabetes is really like. And that's got to be a good thing!

    Oh, and by the way I mean it. Know somewhere good for me to go in London at that time? Preferably en route to Leicester Square, then do let me know!

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