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  1. Part two sees us continue from the beginning of the great cake saga, from all the way back in June.

    There are days when you do the right thing. Then there are days when you don't. On Facebook, there is a recipe that claims to be 'the most dangerous cake recipe in the world'.

    Five minute chocolate cake. In the microwave. Oh yeah. And because of my breadmaker, I happen to have proper measuring spoons, which is a useful thing. What was also great was managing to work out more or less the correct carb value for it. 

    I thought about using Splenda instead of sugar, but past baking experience has taught me that Splenda is good for biscuits, but not good for cake. So sugar it was.

    Now, sometimes I wonder what people think of me when I'm eating cake in public, and they know about my diabetes. I KNOW I can have it, and I know it's not like there's some sort of law that says I can't have cake. But I still wonder what people think. Whether they think I'm 'cheating', or handling my diabetes badly, or being irresponsible. Or whether they think that I've been telling them rubbish. Am I being a poor advocate for responsible behaviour? Do I have to be? Sometimes you just want cake. And even though I find carb counting difficult, I actually managed to work this one out. 

    Now I've made myself all confused. Where's the rest of that cake? 

    DISCLAIMER: Cake should be consumed responsibly!

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Cake is one of my biggest weaknesses...especially when I'm out at a restaurant and see something like chocolate cake with chocolate molten inside of it!! With ice cream on top!

      I wonder that sometimes too. During hydration for the residents at work, I'll try to get a little snack too, and if its a cake or a cookie the caregivers will tell me "NO!!" and shake their finger at me. If they see me eating it, they'll ask "What are you doing??" it makes me feel bad about myself...

    2. Anonymous said...

      Found you on NaBloPoMo and just had to comment on this particular post - my grandparents have Type 2 diabetes, which I know is different, but it's funny you'd post on the value of eating cake in front of people who know you have diabetes.

      For my grandparents, it's kind of a toss-up between how they handle their diabetes. My papaw's very careful to eat properly and exercise regularly, per the doctor's orders. My granny, on the other hand, doesn't give a flip what the doc says and generally still eats most of her 'guilty pleasures.' The results of this? She always seems to have better and more stable levels when they go visit the doctor and get their diabetes checked.

      Anyway, I say that as long as you're doing what you need to be doing to keep it in check it doesn't matter if you have some guilty pleasures like a cake once in a while. :)

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