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  1. It's a bit like the lottery....

    Monday, 8 March 2010

    Part of my extremely glamorous job involves stuffing envelopes. And for the past few days, it has involved stuffing lots and lots of them. And then a few hundred more. It has taken me (with help) nearly two days to get through the huge stack, which then took three people two trips to the postbox to get rid of. 

    Like I say, really glamorous. Don't let anyone delude you to the belief that working in a theatre is sexy. Even when I was doing acting, directing or something actually creative, rather than admin, 80-90% of what I'd get up to was not in the least, I promise you. 

    But there is a problem with that many envelopes and a job that takes that amount of time. During a work day, I'll test several times. Of course that means I bleed. Now, I do suck my finger after I've tested, but as you can imagine, sometimes that doesn't always work too well. So with a lot of white envelopes, there have naturally been a few unfortunates. Problem is of course, I don't often notice if I'm still bleeding till a few envelopes down the line. So without opening them all again, it's hard to know how many I've bled on. Like I say, it's a bit like the lottery. Just an extremely gross one. So if you're one of the poor unfortunates that ends up with a bloody one, I apologise. You won't know it's from me, but I promise, I'm sorry.

    I wonder what Gibbs would make of it all? He'd probably set Abby on me. And my keyboard. And the phone on my desk. And the back of my housemate's Wii-mote...

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