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  1. Story Time (Episode One)

    Tuesday, 23 March 2010

    Today's post comes now with added vlog! I came across this lovely little story today on the Diabetes UK Facebook page, so I was really surprised to find it hadn't been removed. I've removed the brand name from the story, but I went on the site's website. Just to be fair to the site, I can't find anything on there claiming that their products will help diabetes. So why on earth someone would is beyond me. 

    Notice the amazingly comfortable jumper I am wearing (hand made by my Mum, don't you know?) and the very strange voice I choose to read this story in. Normally I'd read a story a lot better - I am an actor by training (not that you would believe it from this video!), and am embarrassed by how rambling this goes. But enjoy!

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    1. Smile4Loubie said...

      Im gutted, I couldnt hear all the vblog as comp speakers are rubbish so tried looking for the post but couldn't =(

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