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  1. Proper planning prevents....

    Friday, 12 March 2010

    Oh, come on. You know the rest. You don't need me to fill in the blanks. 

    So I'm at my Mum and Dad's house at the moment. It's my birthday next week, and this is the closest we were all free for me to come and spend the weekend. So here I am.

    I thought I was doing really well as I packed up my things. Took the demipen AND the flexpen, just in case something went wrong with the former. Opened a new pot of test strips, refilled my Glucotabs, and put some mini Mars Bars in my handbag. And because I'm always paranoid about getting stuck on a broken down train (as this has happened to me many, many times in the past, for several hours sometimes), I'd put a snack pack of pretzels in there as well. You know, just in case. 

    I tend to pack the world in my handbag. If you don't believe me, I very much suggest watching my first ever attempt at vlogging, in which I join in a blog meme, and go 'handbag diving'. But right now, I know there are hair bobbles, hand gel, a sewing kit, two pocket packs of tissues (one plain, one with eucalyptus oil), paracetamol, chewing gum, several pens...well, the list is extensive. But it appears I was not quite as zealous when putting my needles into my testing kit. 

    I counted off my meals - Friday dinner, Saturday, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Sunday breakfast, lunch. Home in time for evening meal. 

    Now, the attentive amongst you will have already spotted the flaw in this. Where are the needles for the Lantus? Surely that's quite important? Well, you'd be right. I hadn't thought to factor those needles into my packing. You see, the last time that I went anywhere for more than an overnight stop, I wasn't using my Lantus pens. So I didn't need to think about that. Things do, of course, change. But of course, this thought did not occur to me until I had pulled out of York train station, where it was naturally far too late to do anything about it. 

    So, in a panic, I pull out my meter case, and count out the needles I had on me. Thankfully, it turns out I have enough on me. Why? Because although I hadn't thought to put the needles in for the Lantus, I had, in my backwards logic, thought to throw in some extras in case on of the others turned out to be clogged. Because, of course you don't want to be caught out in a situation like that...

    By the way, if you do see my brain, or a reconditioned model that looks like it could work, please do let me know.

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    1. Saffy said...

      I went travelling out of town once (a plane ride away) once and took everything for my pump...except a cannula (needle). It was a weekend and of course you can't rock up to your corner store for those... so I ended up on small doses of fast acting via syringe (which you can buy easily as it turns out) for about 36 hours. That taught me my lesson ;)

    2. Moddey said...

      That sounds so familiar, apart from I'm trying to remember everything for my son. I hate those days when you find out you've left the house with only a few test strips and all of a sudden you see hypo and hyper symptoms everywhere. My son picks it up as well, he can tell if I'm nervous and asks me to measure. And then the strip doesn't work/the drop turns out to be too small/the reading is super-low/high... *sigh*
      My handbag is more like a cargo ship, filled with random glucose tablets, honey sachets, nappies for the little sister, needles, tissues, meters galore, hand wipes, juice cartons... No wonder my back hurts :)

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