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    Sunday, 14 March 2010

    Home again. With many, many needles. This is very comforting. By the way, that is an extremely nice bowl that I bought several years ago, and hadn't found a use for. Now it contains all my needles (and usually my ID bracelet when I take it off after work)

    Now, I haven't really much of my own to talk about today, so I'd like to play a game I'm calling 'Becky's Round-up', where I point you in the direction of various blogs and posts I've been finding interesting as of late. In my head, I automatically get the theme to 'Woody's Round-up' from Toy Story 2, but that is completely optional. 

    First up, my friend Shiv, over at Click of the Light is talking about all sorts, including meeting Richard Lane, and what it means to be 'normal'.

    Tom is writing about his current experiences with a borrowed CGM on his blog, Diabetes Dramas et al... during his countdown to starting life with a pump. 

    I've very much been enjoying reading all the posts over at Olivejooice, and highly recommend having a wander over there!

    Northerner has written a rather hilarious poem 'Cornish Clotted Insulin', inspired by a particularly insane bit of script writing on BBC's 'Casualty.

    Sam at Talking Blood Glucose is talking about her journey with carb counting

    And just today I've been introduced to the blog Mmol/ly, which is the start of an extremely interesting story. It's the blog of Ida, who lives in Finland, and is the mother of two. Her son, E was diagnosed with Type 1 in September last year, and they're hoping to train their puppy, Molly as a hypo-alert dog. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of their story!

    I do highly suggest looking at one or all of those links. They're all sites I've enjoyed going to. Hopefully I'll have something more constructive of my own to say tomorrow!

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      Hey, thanks for the shout out! I have been reading all YOUR posts too! I check for a new one every day :)

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