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  1. I snap the whip

    Wednesday, 10 March 2010

    Don't worry, there's nothing untoward about today's post. And no, I haven't murdered anyone in that sink. But what I did manage to do today was completely baffle one of the members of staff at my branch of Lush

    For the record, if you don't know what Lush is, there's something wrong with you! I try not to go in too frequently, because I would spend all my money in about twenty minutes. 

    So my fingers are absolutely trashed. I'll probably do a shot of them sometime soon. But where I test, I have sore, dry skin. I've been after something to sort them out. So when I was in Lush today, I saw a new product called a Lip Scrub. One of them smells just like After Eight mints, which is amazing. It's basically a sugar scrub for if you have chapped lips. Now I wondered if it could be used on your fingers as well, to try and calm the skin where I test.

    I decided to ask one of the members of staff, who seemed truly confused as to why I would want to do that. I explained that I tested my blood a number of times every day because of my diabetes, but he didn't seem to quite get it. So I showed him my lancing device. It was as if I'd shown him a machete that I repeatedly hacked at my wrist with. Yeah, he didn't like 'needles'. But he rather got my point, I think!

    So he suggested a product that I have used in the past, called You Snap The Whip. It has charcoal in it, and smells amazing. All blackcurrant-y. I used it for a while in my third year of university, before my housemate politely requested that I stop, because it turned the shower black and clogged the drain. As you can see, it turns the water an interesting colour. However it does melt away fairly quickly, so it might end up being too expensive to carry on with, even if it does work. But hey, it's worth a try. I'll report back with results.

    But for now, my hands smell awesome!

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      Did it work? Please tell me it did...

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