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  1. Room to breathe

    Saturday, 13 March 2010

    Not a great picture today, (it's Diet Cola with Almond from Tesco's if you're interested. It's very nice!) but it does rather turn today's post back on to a subject that I'm sure you're aware is rather close to my heart.

    DiDkA is starting to pick up a bit. We've got a proper logo now, and I'm going to carry on making amendments to the site in order to put it live, and start asking you all for much more help. It's my hope that we're going to make some serious headway soon. People over on Diabetes Support have all been working so hard and making such good suggestions - I'm so proud and so thankful for each and every one of them who have spent the time thinking about this.

    Through the hands of the very lovely Shiv, over at Click of the Light, we have managed to get a letter to Richard Lane, the President of Diabetes UK, which will hopefully make them aware of who we are, what we're doing, and if we're lucky, make them want to help us. He's promised to get in touch. I find that I'm checking the DiDkA email account rather obsessively, and I don't want to be away from my mobile phone for too long. 

    It's been strongly suggested by some of the wonderful people over at DS that I should take a day or so off from working on DiDkA. I've been saying on there, and on here, just how tired I've been lately, and how I just can't seem to shake it. I don't know why - I wish I did, to tell you the truth. The problem I have though is that my mind very rarely 'switches off'. It doesn't matter how hard I try. The moment when I'm trying hardest to relax is when I'll think of something I should have done, or shoul be doing now, or I'll come up with an idea that just can't wait until the next day. And I'll beat myself up about how I haven't done it already, how I'm not dealing with it now, or that I just can't turn off.

    I'm really glad that things are starting to come together - I so badly want this to succeed. I also have other things that are weighing me down. I'll tell you about them more when I get written confirmation - for me it's very exciting though. But until I know for sure that things are going to happen the way I want, I'll fret and panic and so forth. 

    Maybe what I'm after is just a moment to catch my breath. But when you never switch off, or even feel like you have the time to do that, how do you even begin? 

    Answers on a postcard, people.

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