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    Thursday, 13 May 2010

    I've been way behind on my logging. And no, not the sort in the picture. I'm onto my third log book now, as provided by my clinic.

    I've said time and time again that I struggle to kick myself into being organised. I also struggle from sieve-brain in a lot of areas. Oh yes, I can be a real winner!

    It's been a couple of weeks where Andrew has been going to me 'Logbooks?'. It actually doesn't need to be a sentence, because it only takes that one word to get me going 'Yes, I know, I know, I'll do it tonight.'. Which I invariably would not do. 

    But what's a girl to do? I know if I were to do it daily, it's a task that wouldn't be any sort of issue. I'll say to myself that I will sit down at the end of every day and log my scores, and I'll keep that up for maybe three days. I'm such a procrastinator. Now kids, listen to your Aunty Becky -  don't procrastinate. It's not cool. It just means you've got loads of rubbish to deal with later.

    So tonight, it seems that my putting off doing my log books had gone on long enough. We eventually resorted to bribery. Not that it was called bribery. Hoovering the stairs, giving the George Forman grill, and taking out the bins, since it's bin night, were all the things it was decided I would have to do if I didn't sit down and write up my logs.

    So I did. I really, really hate taking out the bins. It turns out that though it's immensely tedious, it was quite interesting. I hadn't logged since the end of March. Bad, bad Becky. I've had way more hypos than I perhaps had realised. On the flip side though, I've had more 'reasonable' days than I'd been anticipating.

    I know I should do it more often. It's hard to see any sort of patterns if I don't write it down. The Contour USB is great for showing me trends and patterns. However, because my own laptop is being seriously squiffy at the moment, I haven't got access to my graphs. Which is making me sad. But the game of 'what the HECK happened on that day?!' is both frustrating and fascinating in almost equal measures.

    But don't do what I do. You can do it better! I'm just an idiot who needs to get her butt in gear, really! I better. Otherwise it's bin night again this time next week. And the stairs will need hoovering again, I'm sure.

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    1. Samantha said...

      I'm bad at logging too...I can leave it for months and then panic because I haven't done it. Even worse seeing as my pump clinic is coming up and I have to take them with me...

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