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  1. This Sieve? My Brain.

    Tuesday, 11 May 2010

    See this? This was my brain today. I had my meter case out on my coffee table this morning, whilst switching bags to a larger one, allowing room for my dance shoes. I had placed in more needles, put in a new tub of test strips. About to walk out the door. Phone, wallet, keys, insulin? Yep, all there.

    Time comes for me to test two hours after breakfast? Yeah. No kit. It's still on the coffee table. Well done me. Andrew remains my absolute star as he cycled off to get it for me. I've never left my meter somewhere before. I only seem to do a major cock up once every three months or so. So on balance, it's not too bad, I guess.

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    1. Becky said...

      I know, he's my absolute rock. This isn't the first time he's got me out of a scrape, bless him :)

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