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  1. On the road again

    Saturday, 15 May 2010

    So, Andrew took me out on the bike again tonight. It had been a strange old day, in that when I looked out of the window this morning, it looked like it was going to pour it down with rain. And it looked cold. 

    Thankfully though, it both brightened, and warmed up enough for me to go protesting (great turn out, both the speakers and people in the crowd were lovely), and boil in clothing I thought was going to be weather-appropriate. 'Interesting' fact about me is that I never, ever choose clothes that are appropriate to the weather. I freeze or boil - it's not fun.

    But by the time I'd got back home, (after another hypo) it had warmed up nicely, and Andrew wanted to try an experiment. I recently acquired a little pocket video camera, and I've taken to making short films. So Andrew wanted to try seeing if he could attach the camera to his bike gear and film his rides. This meant another experiment with 'Gaffa- Mache', in which you make a case for things out of Gaffa tape and clingfilm.

    So we tied it to him, and it did indeed film. However, we forgot to cut a gap for the microphone. So it consequently sounds like there is a giant helicopter attacking us the whole way through this!

    Things that it is important to remember! 

    1: I've said it before, but bike clothes make you look unbelievably fat
    2: I don't know why I say 'hello' like a complete loony. I don't normally talk that, I promise
    3: There is no helicopter. Much in the same way 'there is no spoon'. If it's really hard for a lot of people to understand, let me know, and I'll put up subtitles!

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