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  1. Glucotab Envy

    Sunday, 16 May 2010

    Just after I was diagnosed, I was bought a whole order's worth of Glucotabs from an online medical order shop. I still haven't used all of them, but I've been through a fair few of the 50 tablet pots. I'm collecting spare change in two of them, which helps me feel like I'm being thrifty. 

    I don't mind Glucotabs too much, really. I don't LIKE them, but that means I'm disinclined to snack on them. I have several of the little plastic tubes that the 10's come in. I just refill them from the large pots. I do carry an empty one around in my bag with me though - it's an absolutely ideal sharps disposal pot for when you're out and about. That there's a top tip for you. I also know that three of them will bring me up from pretty much most hypos. In fact the only thing that bugs me about Glucotabs is the flavours.

    Here in the UK, you have a choice of two flavours - orange or raspberry. Of the two, I prefer the raspberry, but what I wouldn't give for a change! I know over in the US, there are more choices. A quick search on the Walgreens website (I've come to the conclusion Walgreens must be a bit like Boots over here?) showed an absolute bounty of flavours in comparison! As well as your bog standard orange and raspberry, I found mixed fruit, grape and sour apple! 

    Let's just say I'm jealous!

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